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21st September 2012

September Message: You've been Kaned!

Russell Kane
Right. So I'm going to pull my finger out (don't ask from where) and start sending regular cyber-missives from the botty of my brain.  

The plan is to include useful info (boasting) for hardcore Kaneites plus bits of unnecessarily personal gossip about myself and who I'm shagging. 

Come and see me on tour for f*ck's sake 

Got your attention? Good! Well lick this: I'm touring my stand-up again. The whole UK! I'm coming right up a town near you.  

I'll be performing my brand new show which I premiered at the Edinburgh Festival. 

In 'Posturing Delivery' I ask the question "What if I'm one of the guys who never has a baby? and why is this not a male subject?"  

I'll give birth to, and bring up, a child live on stage before your very eyes (sort of - it's stand-up basically, come along and laugh till you shat yourself).  

You know what to do: click here to buy your tickets and see where I'll be, and I'll see you very soon. 

Watch me on your telly!  

Hopefully you saw two of my TV shows this year, Britain Unzipped (with my boyfriend Greg James) and Live At The Electric - my stand-up and sketch showcase.  

Well I'm pleased to confirm that both will be making a return to BBCThree (Yipee - jet of wee) - Unzipped later this year and Live At The Electric in early 2013 - I'm buzzing like a Berocca in a coke bottle. 

Pugs, Shagging, and Curry  

Captain Colin my pug will be joining me on most tour dates. He's nearly 1 already! WTF!!!! The other night we shared a passanda. 

He's currently a bit poorly with a dodgy eye. Watch my twitter for updates on how he's doing. 

So far as the love life - while still officially single, I am in the early stages of a love affair with a stunner from Manchester. I did plan not to get in any love attachments before Christmas, but she smashed me like a cheap plate, and now I really like her. Swoon 

That's all for now. Stay moist 

R xxx