Pet Selector!

A hilarious guide to all the usual and unusual household pets
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Join Russell on this HILARIOUS journey to select your next cat, dog, hamster or rabbit, or snake, or gecko, or rat, or…

Russell knows loads about pets, as he’s got four of his own. And he believes that when choosing a pet, personality is the most important thing! Pet Selector! is both a practical guide to finding a pet and a hugely entertaining account of pet personalities from one of the BIGGEST animal lovers out there.

Pet Selector! is a perfectly hilarious guide to pet personalities, from their quirky characters to special skills, wants, needs and even cuddling capabilities. Infused with his trademark humour, personal anecdotes and extensive pet expertise, Russell will make you laugh out loud AND find you your perfect pet. So, what are you waiting for? Russell is ready to introduce you to your next best friend.